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  • Launch of New Publications for Junior Guides & Girl Guides, Quetta
  • Launch of New Publications for Junior Guides & Girl Guides, Quetta
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November 14, 2011 marks the birth of AKYSBP (Agha Khan Youth and Sports Board of Pakistan) the 8th Chapter of Pakistan Girl Guides Association. This branch of PGGA represents the Ismaili Guides of Pakistan. This major decision took place at the 62nd Annual National Council meeting of PGGA at Islamabad.  The formation of this new chapter fulfilled the notion:

“Guiding is about raising your voice, standing out and making a difference”

 Ismaili Guides are present all over the country like in Karachi, Interior Sindh, Gilgit Baltistan, Islamabad, Punjab and Chitral. Ismaili Guides in Pakistan have been working hard to achieve quality in Guiding, by developing an understanding of teamwork, leadership,  and a sense of adventure as well as reaching out to make a difference; both locally and globally. There have been continuous strives for social service projects conducted by the Guide companies, through which the dual purpose of service and learning by doing gets accomplished.

AKYSBP Guiding chapter is divided into 4 Regions and 9 Districts report to their respective region.

Regions of AKYSBP are as follows:

·          AKYSBP Region, Sindh

·         AKYSBP Region, Punjab

·         AKYSBP Region, Gilgit Baltistan

·         AKYSBP Region, Chitral

Districts of AKYSBP Guiding Chapter are as follows:

·         Karachi

·         Thatta

·         Hyderabad

·         Lahore

·         RIPMA (encompassing Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Peshawar & Mardan Areas)

·         Gilgit

·         Hunza

·         Ishkoman Puniyal

·         Gupis Yasin

The office bearers of the AKYSBP Guiding Chapter are as follows:

•        Chapter President – Shams Jeewa

•        Chapter Commissioner – Dr. Sonia Aly Vallani

•        Chapter Secretary – Dr. Hina Zulfiqar Ali Velji

•        Chapter Treasurer – Ms. Sahar Mansoor Ali

·        International Secretary – Shahida Sultan

•        Regional Commissioner for Sindh – Rozina Issani

•        Regional Commissioner for Gilgit Baltistan – Ms. Naeema Mehrban Ali

•        Regional Commissioner for Punjab – Yasmeen Farman Ali


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